Meet Joy

Energy Healer and Transformation Coach

Joy Baker is a skilled and compassionate individual who specializes in supporting others overcome obstacles so that they are ready to experience a quantum leap along their journey of awareness. Since awareness is our first step towards personal growth, working with Joy supports you with letting go of limiting blocks and constraints. Having embarked on an intense journey of personal growth and dived deep into her own inner world, Joy understands the courage it takes to look within and embrace vulnerability and Self-awareness.

After experiencing several years of abuse and bullying as a child, she became painfully shy and introverted. However, her 33 years of working with horses provided the groundwork for a compassionate and kind connection that has supported her entire journey of Self-discovery.  Transitioning away from the horses several years ago, Joy faced the daunting task of overcoming her crippling shyness and has since embarked on a transformative voyage of Self-Awareness and Spiritual growth.  

This journey of Self-Discovery has been both intense and immensely rewarding for Joy. By fearlessly diving into her emotional realm and releasing the pain and trauma that had held her captive and trapped within a limited reality, she gained a profound understanding and acceptance that empowers her to support her clients effectively. Joy believes that every individual possesses inherent value and greatness within them

Is now is the time for YOU to embrace your own greatness and start living it fully?! Discover HERE how Joy can support you on your journey.