What People Are Saying About Working with Joy

That Q&A call was amazing! I feel so at peace and empowered to create this new year! I’ve attended many calls over the last few years and by far this was the most powerful. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

Jenny B., Canada

I had purchased Joy’s Freedom clearing a few months ago and had her clear issues around financial abundance. OMG, the clearing is awesome! I had been trying to buy a house for about 5 years. About a month ago I made an offer on a house and they accepted! It looks like my loan will get approved! Thank you so much Joy!!!

Anne Bennett, Powell, Wyoming

Thank you for the “Soul Spa” month. It was a pleasure being part of this healing journey.

Emilia Parker, Scotland

I asked Joy why I still needed to take nose drops almost every 6 hours… it had started about three weeks previously when I got cleansing symptoms from working with a lot of energy but I still couldn’t breathe freely without the drops. After a remote healing session with Joy and listening to the recording twice, I haven’t used the nose drops since!! It’s 80% better and I’m very thankful for this healing! This was a great and deep cleansing session, thank you Joy!!

Georgiana Bacaianu , Germany

I just wanted to let you know how much my life changed after our session.  My biggest frustration at the time was that my husband and I were having trouble getting financed for a house. Without going into details – we are closing on a brand new home next week and it all began after the session with you. The nicest surprise of all is that my husband seems to have benefited from it as well – even though I didn’t share any of the details of it with him. We both now use your ‘What if it’s possible’ statement when we think there is a roadblock and I know it makes a difference. I am so grateful to have found you and I wish you all the best.

Lisa A., Washington

Thank you so much for the powerful session…I wanted to let you know that the way in which you explained how the dark energies work, helped me make sense of why things have happened the way they have in my life. The clearing and activations you do for me in the sessions are the answers I have been looking for my whole life.

Jill Watcher, New York

Joy, thank you very much for the recordings.  I wanted you to know that they were 100% correct.  I could check off each statement with True 100% because I have examined all my thoughts during this time of growth and I journal, do clearing work and your word choice actually matched mine.  I didn’t have to make any thing fit.  I did laugh when you said “rebellious temper tantrum”…..I have said the exact words to myself so many times. Amazing!

Barb Lammi, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Joy has an amazing gift to connect deeply with you and your higher self. She will pinpoint your emotional blockages and helps you to release them. With this wonderful gift she is able to support you to heal old wounds and to release the blockages and hurt that came from them. Joy has helped me greatly in accepting who I am and in believing in my own power and gifts. I was able to make positive changes more easily and in fact they just came naturally. With the work she does and the empowerment she gives, life seems to flow more effortlessly. I highly recommend Joy to anyone who is ready to do some soul searching and who is open or in need of change. Her work is amazing. Thank you Joy for all you do!

Alexandra Herold, Delta, BC, Canada

My ex came to visit and I have to say that our relationship has gotten so much better, more honest and he is so much more open now. By me changing, he changed also, it is amazing to see….  I enjoy his company more and we are now able to talk about anything, which is amazing to me.

G.G., Germany

Thank you so much, you made my day! That was such a wonderful clearing, I’m going to listen to it on repeat!  You couldn’t have been more accurate, and I’m relieved to clear these things once and for all!

Cayce Bradshaw, Houston, Texas

WOW!!!!!!!! Miss Joy you got me right on. What a gift you have I can not put in to words how I feel but I know that there has been a SHIFT in my being. I will tell my friends about your AMAZING  gift THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Grandma J, Kansas, USA

Joy, I’ve been having nightmares for 17 years. These had affected me to the point that I wasn’t sleeping very well and that was starting to cause health problems. Last night I went to a Halloween party where we sat around a fire and told spooky stories. I went to bed feeling fine, but during the night I had a nightmare – twice the very same one, about two men holding me at gunpoint.  The first time I woke up as usual, but not as terrified.  The second time, I took action – couldn’t speak or scream, but I made such faces at them, they backed off!  Waking up, I was amazed – I was actually given a second chance to do something different! This showed me how deep your clearing went, because when you made the suggestion I could stand up to them, my first thought had been, I couldn’t do that in a dream, let alone waking.

Rebecca M, Iowa, USA

I was listening to the prerecorded money clearing and that night a lady called that I worked on 4 years ago and had never paid me.  She came out the next day with a check to pay off some of what was owed.  Whoo Hooo! That was one of the miracles from listening to your clearings!

Patti S., Wisconsin, USA

I was delighted and in complete awe when I heard the Angel Scan and Clearing from Joy. At the time she did the reading for me, it was an anniversary – a year since my diagnosis of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. I’m now cancer free and healing well, but I was filled with sadness and overwhelm. I felt as though I was at a cross road in my life, unsure of what to do professionally, and when to  start. Other than knowing it was my anniversary, Joy didn’t know what was going on for me emotionally. The information she gave me from the Angels and Arch Angels was profound – every uncertainty and question I had in my mind was answered. I have so much more clarity now and I feel deeply supported. Joy has such a gift and she delivers the information clearly with specifics, rather than with general suggestions. Even though this was a distance reading, I felt as though she was in the room with me. Thank you so much Joy!

Annette, Author and Speaker

Joy, thank you so much! Today’s clearing was bang on. I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my lower abdomen and you picked up on that without even knowing.  Wow, Wow….I immediately fell asleep after listening and this is what my body usually does when it goes into a healing. You are truly connected!

Nancy Webber, White Rock, BC, Canada

Joy, thank you so much for the audio recording of the scan & clearing! I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself in terms of CHOOSING how I feel everyday and get this…….. I literally did nothing for our Usana biz and had the highest paid week in 2 years last Friday. How’s that for awesome?!

Anna Loanzo, Ontario, Canada

The pain in my heart has lifted. Also, I had been having pain in my ovaries for 2 years now and they don’t hurt any more !!!! Really amazing. The last year I was also having problems with remembering things. Sometimes when I had to do something that I had done all my life I couldn’t remember how to do it. Total black out. It really freaked me out. Now, I don’t have those things any more!

Daisy, Belgium

Thank you! You have completely blown my mind! You touched on every single issue I’m having!

Nina Sanger, White Rock, BC, Canada

I had a scan/clearing done by Joy and WOW, was that powerful !!! I just listened to it for the second time and I could still feel the reaction of my body to it. There was crying, releasing, sighing and at times my entire body shook with releasing. There was deep breathing when I listened to the recording of the clearing, which is always an indication of my body that it is releasing something and taking in something new. What was so awesome is that while listening to the clearing of limiting beliefs of myself as a healer, a new client called me for an appointment. 🙂

It has now been 3 days since I first listened to the session and I can already notice that there have been tangible shifts. Today, for example, I have been taking notes around my new intentions for myself and my healing business. Around letting go of wanting to ‘play it small’ and ‘not wanting to be seen’ and ‘shine my light’. I suddenly realized how I’ve been merging the energy that I send out around my healing business to the image that others are having of me (by others I mean the most important people in my life, I feel their feelings and expectations around it and I just COPIED them. They kept me limited and I didn’t even notice). Wow, what a realization. And it is Joy that pointed it out during the scan. I didn’t grasp it at first, what she meant. But after listening to it again today, I’ve clearly seen it and it is a HUGE shift I am able to make because of this.
I am so unspeakably grateful to her. I am surely asking her again for her help in the future.

And another very important thing: she is so so loving when she speaks to you on the tapes. I felt totally acknowledged, SEEN and safe to let her into my field. Her reading my energy was fun and clear. I cried but also laughed. I have had many many experiences with readers over the past several years and she is of the highest level. She can see ‘deep’ levels nobody has been able to touch into before. Please don’t hesitate to call her when you have something troubling you.

I just finished the 2nd scan/clearing. It was huge. I feel like I need to take some rest now but I will already tell you that I went from resistance in my stomach (during the clearing) (probably the little child) to crying without tears (when we got to the child and acknowledged her) to crying with tears in all the parts after that (throat, eating, claiming myself as whole). I don’t know how to thank you. I still feel a bit like crying. It is relief and release. I’m so glad. I knew most (not all) parts of what you saw were there – I was aware – but only with your help and loving presence was I able to release.

Veerle Wins, Bilzen, Belguim

Joy is an amazingly gifted and talented, loving guide. Her scans and clearings are SPOT ON! I have had Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, breast cancer, disabled, among other things. In one session in which I followed her suggestions to the letter, have done the clearings many times but have to say I felt a huge shift the first time I ever listened to her. I have been working on myself for years with many people with little success. After listening to Joy’s clearing, I have almost no pain now. This is incredible! I have a bit more energy each day, I have hope, trust and faith once again that even at 60 a whole new life and adventure is in front of me. I am beyond deeply grateful for her loving guidance. I intend to do another session with her as soon as I can. I will say my intention and complete willingness has been to shift, let go of all the old crap has been there for some time now, but I was to the point of giving up as I thought I was not going to get the breakthrough no matter what I did. To me, this has been a miracle of epic proportions! You are very gifted Joy and a huge blessing in my life. Much love and many blessings.

Georgia  S, California

I have seen a lot of healers  in my life but Joy ranks up there with some of the best! The scan Joy did on my energy field was accurate and revealing. After listening to the recording of the scan & clearing I had another session with her so that we could do some even deeper work.  Joy helped me release some very old stuck issues and I now feel a lot freer and happier.  I had been carrying around this toxic energy in my field for far too long and it feels awesome to be rid of it.  My son also had the remote scan & clearing done and found that everything she told him resonated on a very deep level and it helped him become aware of what he needed to work on and release. Joy brings your awareness to what needs to be addressed in your energy field  and then helps you to remove it. Simple and profound.

Pamela B, White Rock, BC, Canada

I am just speechless! I am so enormously grateful and honored, I really don’t know how to thank you! I loved everything you said, it’s exactly what I needed to hear….. It was beautiful and amazing and I got so much out of it! You have such a gift, I got emotional while listening to it. Joy, I can’t thank you enough.

Maria F., Owner of Little Jots: Healing Notes for Kids, Vancouver, BC, Canada

You nailed it! I listened to the recording several times and took 3 pages of notes and suggestions. Thank you so much for offering these insights, they are very valuable to me.

Katrin Baker, Entrepreneur, Malaga, Spain

I have listened to both the scan and clearing twice and need to have another listen and take notes this time. Pretty bang on with everything! I’ve been focusing on and thinking about your suggestions when I ride my bike on the way to work since it keeps my mind off of worrying & stressing about things…I have been feeling quite good since the scan. Not as reactive as usual and more proactive (that is taking action on things I normally would procrastinate on out of fear of making mistakes).

Leesa Watt, Speaker, Entrepreneur and Owner of Go-Go Goodies: The Goody That’s Good for You!, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I recently received a remote energy scan from Joy. I didn’t know when she was going to do it however one night as I was ready to fall asleep, I got the” feeling ” Joy was doing the scan. I listened to the recording in the morning and was impressed with what she had picked up on and discovered. I immediately booked a phone session so I could uncover those findings and release them. That is where the real magic happened for me!

Rowena List, Professional Organizer and Owner of Getting It Together, BC, Canada

That was so interesting! Thank you….. you were very accurate! Some of the things you picked up on I made good progress with just yesterday.

Dale Grove, BC, Canada

Joy, I just listened to the energy scan. Thank you so much for this wonderful, insightful and illuminating message. I am totally open and receptive to the Truth that is flowing through these words which you shared via the Divine. I respect and honor you Joy and know that you have so much to give this world!

Beverly Ashworth, Entrepreneur, White Rock, BC Canada

Thank you sooo much for doing this for me, as I truly feel lighter, and will probably listen to this a couple more times. I will also ask for more help from my Spirit Guides as well. I’m never sure what to ask for but you have helped in that by letting me know that I can.

Karen W., Langley, BC, Canada

I just listened to it.. awesome!!!  And yes, I would love to do the clearing with you to really ground the spiritual into the earth…

Mark Trevis, Entrepreneur, Gibsons, BC, Canada

Perfect! I’ll definitely be having these energy scans & clearings done on a regular basis! Thank you so much!

Lisa Seto, Entrepreneur, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I am so happy. The phone session showed me why I had lost the focus in my business and now after a follow up session with Joy, I’m focused again on my business and as a result, clients are calling me to order my product!


That tickle in my throat is gone and I woke up feeling much clearer today.


Very potent session! And I had an amazing sleep!

W. R.

My shoulder pain is gone!


I hurt my ankle trying to break in new shoes and after a session with Joy, I woke up the next morning with no pain!


After just one phone session with Joy, the pain is gone from my body! I’ll definitely be booking more sessions!