I can’t decide which is best for me, the Scan & Clearing or the Phone Session. Which do you suggest?

Both are very powerful, yet they’re also very different. If you’re looking for an interactive session where you can share what’s going on with you in real time, then you’ll want to purchase the phone session. The phone session can usually be recorded which means you’d have the recording to listen to at any time, the same as the recordings from the remote Scan & Clearing. In order to ensure that it can be recorded,  email me at Joy@CourageInAction.com so I can ensure that there’s a local number for the country you’re living in. What are you hearing / feeling intuitively is the best choice for you? Go with that. The wait time for either option is anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks.

What is the best way to listen to my clearings?

There’s no right or wrong way to listen to your recorded clearings. You can listen to them daily, multiple times in a day or a few times a week, once a week, whatever you feel works for you. Each time you listen, chances are you’ll hear something you didn’t hear before and energies will be cleared out at a deeper level.

If I listen to them on silent, does that do anything? 

Absolutely, yes it does! The information and words in the clearings are channeled from Source so the vibration and frequency within the words contain Source energy. When you play them on silent, the frequencies will extend out into the environment and shift the energy in the room. All that are in the room will be affected by higher vibration and consciousness, whether they’re aware of it or not. Here’s what one client emailed me:

I wanted to share with you a completely new experience I had today at work. It was Friday and the the end of the work week which is generally a crazy & chaotic day for us all, trying to get orders out the door on time. Today I played the Money clearing recording on silent on my phone all day and OMG, it was the best day ever! Eight of us worked together in a small space, enjoying ourselves and peacefully getting all the orders ready to go and on their way! No bickering or complaining, just peace and getting the work done easily and effortlessly. I am definitely playing your recordings on silent at work from now on!

Ella C, Wisconsin, USA

Since all of the recordings release from deep within the unconscious, they will all be effective at clearing energy in the room, whether you’re playing your personalized recording or, if you’ve purchased a program from one of the shows I’ve been on, play one of the program recordings. Of course, you also want to listen to them with sound occasionally as well.

How do I know when I need another clearing? Or is one clearing all I ever need?

As with any clearing work you do, you’ll release at a level in which you’re ready to move forward with your life. In life, we take action to move towards what we’ve chosen and as we do that, deeper patterns, stuck emotions, limiting beliefs can all come up to the surface where they’re ready to be identified and released. This is your comfort zone expanding. This is the time you might decide you’d like another clearing(s).

Once the energies have been released and patterns identified and cleared, does the clearing last forever?

This is where your intention comes in. When energies are cleared out, space is created within you and the energy Field that surrounds you. What we usually do is fill that energetic space with what we just released. That’s one of the reasons we keep getting the same things over and over again.

This is where CHOICE comes in. This is your time to choose differently, choose what YOU want and how YOU choose to live your life. When you consciously choose how you would like to feel, what you want your life to be like, you send out a different vibration to the Universe, a vibration of power, conscious choice and intention, and the Universe responds to your vibration. To make the shift even more powerful and permanent, move from ‘wanting’ (that’s where we all start, with want) into connecting to the FEELING of having your chosen desires. Feeling (Emotions = Energy in Motion) is the fuel that will magnetize your chosen desires (your wants) to you.

If you have more questions, please contact me at Joy@CourageInAction.com.