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Remote Clearings and Phone Sessions

Joy offers you two very unique services, yet both create the space for profound, long-lasting results. What are you looking for in a session? If you’re looking for a session that is interactive between you and your practitioner and one in which you can share memories or traumas as they come up, the phone session will be for you.

If you are looking for the ultimate in convenience, and are ready to discover the unconscious core beliefs, patterns and defaults that have been keeping you stuck, then the remote healings that are done from your picture (no appointment necessary) may be the one that aligns with you best at this time. Both the phone session and the remote clearings are recorded, and you will be sent a replay that you can download and listen to at your convenience. 

Phone Sessions with Joy

For the first 5-10 minutes of the one-hour phone session, you’ll have the opportunity to let Joy know what you’d like to focus on and to clear and activate. Once you’ve shared and are ready for clearing and activation, Joy will connect with your unconscious conditioned self and begin the clearing. This may consist of identifying traumas or childhood wounds, or Joy may venture into past lives, or her Guides may end up having an enlightening and inspiring conversation with your Inner Child. Joy allows your consciousness and energy to guide her during the process. She will check in with you periodically during the clearing and activation process so that you have the opportunity to share anything that has come up for you. This is your phone session; you decide how it unfolds and what you would like to get from it.

$347 CAD
($173.50/session, save $122)

$441 CAD
($137/session, save $255)

Remote Energy Scan and Clearing

The two-hour Remote Scan and Clearing is done from your picture. It is not necessary for you to be present while it is being done which means you simply go about your day as usual. During the Scan, she will go through each of your seven main chakras and identify core beliefs, default patterns, childhood coping strategies, stuck emotions, and anything else that shows up. The audio recording of the Scan will be between 25–35 minutes.

The next audio recording of this session is the Clearing. During the clearing, Joy follows your stream of consciousness and releases what has been keeping you stuck and activates what your Higher Self requests during the clearing. This audio recording is between 50–65 minutes.

The total time of the 2 audio recordings you receive will be between 80–100 minutes, the rest is silent healing. Once Joy has completed your Scan and Clearing, she will send you an email with the recordings that you can download and listen to at your convenience.

Once you have purchased a session, Joy will email you within 24 hours with more information. You can also contact her at

Two-Hour Remote Scan & Clearing: $222 CAD

NOTE: The remote clearing sessions are all done from your picture, you are not connected via the phone with Joy while the remote sessions are taking place.

Single Follow-Up Clearing: $122 CAD
Three Follow-Up Clearings: $333 CAD
Six Follow-Up Clearings: $594 CAD

PLEASE NOTE: These are follow-up remote clearings and are between 45–60 minutes in length. These clearings are only available to those that have already experienced the remote Scan & Clearing. The reason for this is that these clearings can be very intense and Joy has discovered that if you have not yet experienced the Scan & Clearing, the depth of these can be too much for the unconscious conditioned mind to process.