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Messages from Spirit — Written

Be gentle and Kind with yourself. You are a spiritual being and Spirit is benevolent and Kind. Be like Spirit. When you treat yourself with Kindness, the Angels sing and you are Blessed with Appreciation. The Angels sing because you are doing their service work in physical form. Through you, the Angels are being given the opportunity to Bless and support humanity.

As humans you are constantly cycling from one dimension to another. Your choice is, which dimension do you choose to spend most of your Earthly time in? The third dimension of fear, scarcity, limitation, aggression and control? Or the fifth dimension of Love, Freedom, Grace, Expansion and Lightness?

You are not here on Earth to exist in a single dimension. As a Lightworker, you are here to continually experience greater understanding and expansion and to share that with others. You will play in the fifth dimension for a while and feel amazing while you are there. You will then cycle back to the third dimension where you are given the opportunity to share that Light and Grace with others. You share that with others by BEING that Grace and shining so brightly that those that are willing to wake up and see clearly, wake up simply by being in your presence. It is not necessary for them to be in your physical presence. That is a human belief, not a quantum one. If another human is connected to your energy field, even for a short while, they will wake up if they are ready. All you need to do is BE the Lightworker you came here to be.

We would like to enlighten you on the concept you call Love. What you believe is love is mostly based on need and often feels heavy. It is curious to us as to why you would believe that is love. However, we see that this is what you have been taught throughout many lifetimes and generations.

We understand that as a Human you must give a word to this space. What we don’t understand is why so often, when the feeling you have is one of tension, distress, limitation, restriction, that you would call that love. Let us explain as best we can how love feels to us. Our hope for you is that you will recognize LOVE when you feel it. Love is a light feeling; it is far beyond what can be explained by the human language. It is being connected to all from a space of lightness and expansiveness. Some of your words that will we use to explain what Love is include happiness, inner peace, fun, childlike play, compassion, kindness, joy, inspiration, enthusiasm, calmness, trust, gratitude, appreciation, laughter, creativity, acceptance, patience, freedom. There are many more, but we see that you are beginning to understand.

As we witness the pain, we also witness the struggle and conflict within you. As you awaken and remember, you are beginning to understand what LOVE is. The conflict arises because of what is familiar to you. You are very strongly attached and corded into understanding and feeling love as abuse, restriction and limitation. You are pulled to what is familiar because what is familiar is also comforting. This is what you call the ‘comfort zone’.

With your permission, we are going to awaken COURAGE within you. You have the Heart and Soul of a Divine Love Warrior and it is time that it be awakened. You are a Light Being and the time is now for all Light Beings to Unite in Peace and Harmony. If the human species is to survive, the Awakened Ones do not have any more time to muddle around in fear. All of humanity, including your beautiful radiant Earth, needs you and the other physical Light Beings to awaken to the Divine Presence within the Self and to Unite in Peace and Freedom. You came to the Earth in this lifetime for a reason and it was not to live in fear and restriction. We assure you that if you are reading the words your guide has written for you, that you are here to be a Divine Light Warrior and to Unite in Light, Love and Freedom. We are grateful for your Courage and Love. We appreciate you and Bless you.

As Promised, Here Are Your MP3 Downloads

Messages from Spirit — PDF

Downloadable PDF with the written Messages from Spirit.

Choices and Decisions — MP3, 16 Minutes

Could you be limiting yourself for fear of being presented with multiple choices and then having to make a decision? As your world opens, you’ll find that more choices become available to you. If you have lived your life to make others happy, a part of you may be in fear that some people may not be happy with your decisions. That’s only one way in which you may be limiting your life and what’s possible. If you’re ready to live from a place of Expansion and Freedom, this audio can support you with that!

Aligning with Health, Wealth & Happiness — MP3, 16 Minutes

If you had all the money, time, health, support and resources available to you that you would need, how would you be living your life? During this audio, we align each of your seven main chakras with Health, Wealth & Happiness. As you align with the higher dimensional frequencies of the New Earth, give yourself permission for new ideas and concepts to flow to you. Let yourself imagine what life would be like if you were living in Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Believe That It Is Possible — MP3, 17 Minutes

Do you believe that it’s possible for you to be healthy, to be abundant or happy, whatever it is that you’re looking for? As much as you may desire something, if you don’t believe that it’s possible, it’s likely that you’re going to sabotage any opportunities that come your way. Not believing it’s possible is one of the reasons we stay stuck in self-sabotage. Know that it IS possible! Your Desires and Dreams ARE Possible! BELIEVE IT!

Being Love — MP3, 14 Minutes

Is it time you gave yourself permission to feel deeply loved? To BE and EMBODY the beauty and depth of Divine Love? Listen to this mp3 in to relax and expand into that beautiful, peaceful, harmonious dimension of Angelic Love.