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The Embodying Freedom program will support you on your journey of Awakening. Once you’ve allowed yourself to dive deep into your unconscious conditioning, you gain the awareness of what supports you in living an empowered life of Freedom and what doesn’t.


Freedom; What is it and what does experiencing Freedom mean? We will talk about and even desire Freedom but we often believe that either it’s not attainable or that experiencing Freedom means doing. While you may occasionally experience the Freedom to do what you want when you want, if you’re still feeling stuck or trapped emotionally, you haven’t yet embodied the true Essence of Freedom.

So how do you do that? Diving Deep! 95% of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, defaults, implants and patterns are unconscious. You may believe that as you’re going throughout your day, making decisions and taking action, that it’s coming from a conscious place. Yet if you’re still experiencing trauma, stress, anxiety, indecision, lack, fear, frustration etc, it will be your unconscious conditioning that’s really making those decisions for you.

How do you become aware of what’s in your unconscious conditioning and what’s preventing you from feeling free, expansive, happy and abundant? You first start by giving yourself permission to awaken from the illusion and reality that was created for you as a child. It was created for you as a result of the conditioning (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns, defaults, implants etc) that you received from your parents or primary caregivers. You are no longer a child and now, as an adult, you are free to create your own reality. However, if you not aware of the unconscious conditioning and how it’s created your daily life, you may still be feeling stuck, limited, fearful and restricted.

The Embodying Freedom program will support you on your journey of Awakening. Once you’ve allowed yourself to dive deep into your unconscious conditioning, you gain the awareness of what supports you in living an empowered life of Freedom and what doesn’t.

The first three audios are the Foundation of this 22 audio Embodying Freedom program. The first audio supports you in feeling healthy, vibrant and energized. The second audio supports you in creating an abundance of money. The third audio supports you in embodying and knowing what FREEDOM really feels like!

The first time we journey through each Foundational audio we clear out any emotions, patterns, defaults, implants, core beliefs, energies, cords and attachments that have been limiting you and keeping you feeling stuck. We then go through the chakras a second time looking for any remaining energies that need to be released. The third time through the chakras we activate what you’re looking for with regards to Financial Abundance, Optimum Health and Embodying Freedom.

The Audios

  1. Introduction to Embodying Freedom
  2. The Freedom of Experiencing Financial Abundance — MP3, 64 Minutes
  3. The Freedom of Experiencing Optimum Health and Energy — MP3, 62 Minutes
  4. Embodying and Experiencing Freedom — MP3, 67 Minutes


Transformation — MP3, 31 Minutes

Give yourself permission to transform. It’s time for you to choose to live of your desires and dreams. When you release the resist to transformation, life becomes easier and feels more fulfilling.

Being Light and Expansiveness — MP3, 12 Minutes

BE Light. FEEL Expansive. In this audio we release resistance to feeling limited or restricted and open you up to the beauty of BEING Light.

Freedom from Inflammation and Pain — MP3, 16 Minutes

Inflammation and pain are the body’s way of getting your attention. Is it time to pay attention to what your body has been trying to tell you? When you have the courage to listen to what your body has been trying to tell you, it often happens that inflammation and pain is no longer necessary and is easily and effortlessly released.

Ancestral Timeline Release — MP3, 10 Minutes

You can listen to this powerful ancestral timeline release as many times as you like in order to let go of limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, past life vows, contracts and agreements and so much more. Let this audio support you and your ancestors in releasing anything that’s preventing you from feeling FREE!

Ease and Flow — MP3, 11 Minutes

Imagine experiencing Ease and Flow in your life. In this audio, as you allow yourself to imagine what that would feel like, we allow any restrictions to come up and then release those in the moment.

Balance — MP3, 12 Minutes

The more you achieve balance with your emotional and energetical self, the more balanced and aligned you’ll feel in your life. Listen to this audio to create balance within yourself and your life.

Healing Family of Origin Dynamics — MP3, 11 Minutes

We receive all our conditioning from our parents or primary caregivers and that creates our experiences and our story. As we become emotionally attached to our story and the way things have always been, we can find it becomes more difficult to change and live an empowered life. Let this audio support you in reframing your story and giving your experiences a new empowering meaning.

Aligning with Courage, Strength and Self Love — MP3, 16 Minutes

It’s time for you align with your True Authentic Self. Who you are at your core is beautiful, courageous, empowered and Joyful. Be supported in aligning with your Courageous, Compassionate and Empowered Self.

End of Day / Sleeping meditation — MP3, 10 Minutes

Use this meditation to clear away any residual energies you picked up throughout the day. As you get ready to close out your day, cleanse your energy field so that you feel safe, relaxed and at ease as you fall asleep.

Connections of the Heart — MP3, 12 Minutes

When we’ve been hurt, abandoned or rejected we often fear opening our heart and being vulnerable in our relationships. This audio supports you in opening up to trust and feeling safe again to open your heart to when connecting with others.

The Freedom of Grounding — MP3, 11 Minutes

When we’re not grounded we’re not able to actualize our desires and dreams. The more you remember to ground yourself, the more powerful and supported you feel. As you remind yourself to ground on a daily basis, you create a powerful connection within yourself, the Earth and all that supports you.

Releasing Self Sabotage — MP3, 15 Minutes

Why do we Self sabotage? We sabotage ourselves despite our best efforts when we’re not feeling safe to move beyond our comfort zone. Your conditioning is your comfort zone and is familiar to you. During this audio we create a place where you feel safe to move beyond your comfort zone and create anew.

Releasing into the Flow of Money — MP3, 10 Minutes

Imagine letting go and being One with the Flow of Money. It’s possible. Let go of the beliefs and patterns that have been keeping you stuck in scarcity. Let yourself be at ease and one with the flow of money.

Having Fun — MP3, 8 Minutes

As adults, we so often forget to have fun. The responsibilities of life begin to take over and fun and laughter can be forgotten. Listen to this audio to lighten up and have some fun!

Creativity — MP3, 10 Minutes

Open up your sacral chakra and let your creativity flow. You may have learned as a child that you’re not creative or maybe you believe that your creativity has no value. Whatever the reason is that you’re not living as creatively as you like, this audio will discover and release it.

Freedom of Expression — MP3, 12 Minutes

If we were not allowed to speak our truth as a child, if we heard statements such as “children should be seen and not heard”, we can end up becoming adults that don’t speak our authentic truth and may even have a hard time speaking up at all. Listen to this audio to find your voice and have the Courage to speak your Truth with compassion and authenticity.

Letting Go of “It has to be Perfect.” — MP3, 12 Minutes

As a recovering perfectionist, I know how having to ‘get it right’ can stop a person in their tracks. Once I finally learned how to say “It’s good enough” and to let go of having to get it perfect, I began creating the life of MY choosing. Is it time for you to say “It’s good enough” and create YOUR own reality?!

Feeling Safe, Relaxed, Peaceful and Calm — MP3, 10 Minutes

Enjoy this meditation that supports you with letting go of anxiety, hypervigilance, stressed and let yourself ease into feeling safe, relaxed, peaceful and calm. You deserve to feel GOOD!

Claiming Your Authentic Power — MP3, 10 Minutes

Yes, this is your time to SHINE! Find your power and find your voice! When you claim your power, when you feel strong and empowered, you feel ready to take action and to choose from your Highest Self!